Knowledge and Experience: with several staff boasting over 20 years experience in the freight industry you can be rest assured that your cargo is being handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Due to the volumes of cargo we move we can negotiate very competitive rates with all the leading shipping lines. Call today for our current rates and schedules.

The extensive knowledge of our staff ensures that attention to detail is applied to all shipments, which is often crucial in saving time and costs on seafreight shipments. Utilising our carefully selected international partners we can ensure a premium service is maintained from collection through to delivery.

Shipping made easy.

Ocean Logistics

AMCO Logistics strives to offer a complete logistics package. An important part of this is working with shipping lines around the world to provide efficient sea freight options for our customers at affordable prices, thanks to our high volume discounts.

Please see below for details. If it sounds interesting and you’d like to know more give us a ring on +44 1283 734026.

FCL (Full Container Loads)

For shipments in 20′ and/or 40′ and even 45′ containers from clients warehouse to port of export and on to vessel for shipment to destination.

LCL (Less than full Container Load)

For smaller shipments not requiring a full container whereby AMCO Logistics consolidate several smaller shipments into a full container; and can therefore reduce the cost to the client.

AMCO Logistics are fully equipped to handle deep sea imports, customs clearance and deferment of duty if required and merchant haulage. We have a container lift capacity of 18 tons at our Hilton depot and operate a full pick and pack/ palletisation operation for onward UK delivery.

We are present at the UK’s largest port, Felixstowe, and offer Roll on- Roll off sailings from there to the Netherlands twice a day. In addition to this we utilise the northern ports of Killingholme and Hull, again to the Netherlands and Purfleet to Belgium.

We have cross docking facilities and a groupage service that consolidates in Felixstowe each afternoon for the evening vessels and depots in Hazeldonk (Meer) and Kelpen-Oler for onward distribution and import consolidation from the Benelux and Germany.

Container Freight Data Sheet

Below you’ll find some helpful basic information regarding shipping freight by sea such as container capacity, typical transit times of popular destinations for the UK and so on.

AMCO Logo20′ container40′ container40′ high-cube container45′ high-cube container
length19′ 10.5″6.058 m40′ 0″12.192 m40′ 0″12.192 m45′ 0″13.716 m
width8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m
height8′ 6″2.591 m8′ 6″2.591 m9′ 6″2.896 m9′ 6″2.896 m
length19′ 3″5.867 m39′ 5 456412.032 m39′ 4″12.000 m44′ 4″13.556 m
width7′ 8 19322.352 m7′ 8 19322.352 m7′ 7″2.311 m7′ 8 19322.352 m
height7′ 9 57642.385 m7′ 9 57642.385 m8′ 9″2.650 m8′ 9 15162.698 m
door aperturewidth7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m7′ 6"2.280 m7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m
height7′ 5 ¾″2.280 m7′ 5 ¾″2.280 m8′ 5″2.560 m8′ 5 49642.585 m
internal volume1,169 ft³33.1 m³2,385 ft³67.5 m³2,660 ft³75.3 m³3,040 ft³86.1 m³
gross weight
66,139 lb30,400 kg66,139 lb30,400 kg68,008 lb30,848 kg66,139 lb30,400 kg
empty weight4,850 lb2,200 kg8,380 lb3,800 kg8,598 lb3,900 kg10,580 lb4,800 kg
net load61,289 lb28,200 kg57,759 lb26,600 kg58,598 lb26,580 kg55,559 lb25,600 kg

* Please note that overall weight restrictions might differ from country to country. Please email/ring for details.